Week 15

Hello hello!
This week has been fantastic! Elder Robinson is very diligent when it comes to planning and everything. I’ve been loving having a companion who actually is willing to go out and work! We went tracting the other day in our apartment complex and met this Muslim guy from Somalia. His teeth were wicked interesting, they’re like tiger teeth long and pointed and I don’t if it’s decay or on purpose, but his death seem to have a cool design to them. He told us he would listen us about our religion if we would listen to him about his. So, of course we said yes. All three Muslims I’ve talked to so far on my mission say the same thing and it’s been interesting to learn more and get more clarification.
Speaking of which, I saw some Jehovah witnesses walking by as we were trimming some hedges for a returning member. I’ve wanted to talk to some for the longest time, so I ran over to them and told them to tell me about their religion. I tried to keep it focused on theirs, since I approached them, though I did point out that we believe very in line with each other. Like life style and everything is very, very similar and our the way they view God and Jesus is very similar. The difference comes down to was Joseph Smith a true prophet.
What was really cool about the whole ordeal was, Luahna, one of the returning members we’re working with was talking to me after and was saying at one point she went to some other church’s and could feel the spirit in them just the same. So this caused a conflict for her. If this is the true church, why don’t I feel different? So she prayed for quite a while and finally asked for a priesthood blessing and after the blessing it clicked for her. It’s the priesthood power. The authority and power to act in Gods name. She said her testimony of the church is so solid. Yet, we are struggling getting her to church, because she feels this strong need to take care of her garden on Sunday’s. So we’re trying to help her do some of the work on Friday and Saturday.
There one investigator I was talking about before Brittney is on date of August 15th. She has moved out of the apartment she was in with her now fiancé. They have finally set a marriage date for the 22nd of September. We have another woman, Sabrina, who wants to be baptized with her family on September 5th. We are going to the Salt Lake temple with Mel, someone we were working with, on the 22nd of this month. We also just met with a family, the Hunts, they have been trying to have kids for 20 years, finally had in vitro, had twins, but one was a still born and that was really hard for them. He is inactive, she knows little of the church. He wants to raise his kids in the church and she is interested to learn more. In our first lesson we taught the Plan of Salvation and at the end put in perspective of their lost child and where he fits in everything. They came to church the next day and everyone ogled over their cute baby, so they definitely felt welcomed. Good days.
Fun fun fun. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. I love you all! Stay fresh.
2 Nephi 2:25
Elder Dolan

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