July 27th 2015

This week has been truly interesting. We had our district leader go
home this week. I don’t know if I had mentioned this last post, but I
was on exchanges with him and he got a call telling he would have to
go home to get a surgery for his meniscus. So that was interesting to
see the inner conflict he was having. Going home and then choosing to
come back is a difficult decision for many. But, he went home
Wednesday and then his companion whom he was training had to hop
between being with the zone leaders and us.
We also had Pioneer Day on the 24th, which nothing really special
happened for us, but it was sort of a mini P-day because everyone was
busy and out doing stuff.
Saturday we got transfer calls. I was really hoping I’d go to a new
area, just because I’d like to expand my bubble a little bit, but I am
staying and getting a new companion, Elder Robinson. I’m really
excited to be working with him, I don’t know him, but I do know he’s
black. Which I’m hoping will open some doors for us, quite literally.
Most blacks in Utah have a very negative perspective of Mormons,
because of the whole priesthood thing. So they tend to just ignore us.
Hopefully we’ll have a different outcome here on out.
There’s been a lot of smaller stuff that has happened, but nothing of
outreaching interest.
I’ve really developed a strong relationship with many of the people
out here and I’m enjoying meeting people who truly want to know about
the gospel and are searching for truth.

Alma 32:27

Love you all
Elder Dolan

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