July 20, 2015

3 months. I am officially 1/8 through my mission. Which makes it seem
like a really short time, haha.

The mission is great and I’ve realized we need to be really careful
for what we pray for right now. Today Elder Mahi and I went to Costco
to do grocery shopping. After we grabbed the few things we needed we
went to the cash register and we were joking around and we mentioned
how nice it would be if someone paid for us. Right as we give them the
card to pay, someone swoops in and pays for us like $60-80. We thank
them and talk to them for a short while. Then we decide to go to the
kitchen there and get lunch as we’re waiting in line we joked about
someone coming and paying for us. Sure enough here come this guy “hey
Elders! What can I buy for ya?” We tell him oh no we can’t someone
just paid for our food and we’d feel guilty, he says don’t deny me
blessing, we say okay, haha. Then we’re eating outside and we’re about
to get going and start walking the mile to the Trax train station with
all the stuff we just bought and Elder Mahi says, “how great would it
be if someone were to offer us a ride.” And sure enough in like 5
seconds an old couples sees us and offers us a ride.
Ask and ye shall receive.

I’ve begun reading the Old Testament! I’ve never even attempted
before, so it really surprised me that like have the stories people
talk about are in the first like 10 chapters. But I love the Old
Testament so much. It’s actually ridiculously funny. It may be that
some parts are missing and may be my mentality while reading it, but
there are some really funny stories in there that you would miss if
you aren’t really paying attention. I might try to get a video of my
companion explaining a story from the OT he explains them perfectly,
it’s hilarious.

I finally got to meet my (new) Mission President and his wife. They
are really fantastic people and pretty down to earth. I don’t know if
I have mentioned the mission change yet. But as of July 1st out
mission grew like 10 times bigger. We go all the way out to Nevada
now. We used to have 140 missionaries covering 12 stakes (~5
Companionships per stake, so everyone covered 2-4 wards) now we have
200 missionaries covering 57 stakes (1-2 Companionships per stake) and
stakes here are like 8 wards, so it’s going to be really interesting.
In the South Mission there was one companionship that covered 5
stakes, with the different languages it causes some weird areas. We
now have deaf missionaries and an ASL branch. There are quite a lot of
changes going on. So it’s fun and the new Mission President has his
hands really full. Fun fun fun.

Jacob 6:12

Love y’all.
Elder Dolan

Some pictures:

image1 image2 image4 image5 image6 image7


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