July 13th 2015

This week has been a pretty fantastic week. So, my companion and I
have butted heads for a majority of the transfer. He hates everyone,
at least that’s what he says, and was always complaining about the
heat (it’s been 90-110 a majority of the past few weeks), he hated me
because I tried to make everything a positive, and such things, but
this week he’s been happy. It is the biggest blessing ever. So last
week we got in this big fight which devolved into us expressing out
dislikes of each other. In the first two weeks I acted as counselor
for him and just let him tell me all his problems and I offered help
and what not, but it got to a point where I realized he didn’t want to
change he wanted the world to change and so through the next few weeks
I got more and more irritated with him until we get to this fight and
I chastised him more than I probably should have. The next three days
we didn’t talk all that much, but at one point I brought up with him
that he needs to fast for help just having any happiness. So Sunday we
fasted, didn’t talk that much, he hates P-days, so he was pretty
bitter that day, but then come Tuesday he woke up at 6:30 and asked if
we could go to the chapel. Which is huge, because he usually doesn’t
wake up until 8ish. Then since then he’s just been as happy as can be
(well his kind of happy at least). I actually enjoy serving with him
now, I brought it up with him recently and he said that he just kept
praying for strength and he fasted and at one point he felt like he
got an answer. So this week we’ve actually been talking to each other
and we joke around and for the most part there isn’t much contention.

Some other fun things that happened this week was we went to IHOP
twice, Sizzlers (a nice local steakhouse), and Chili’s and had our
meals paid for every time by inactive/non members. It is really
interesting how much the people around really take care of us. Then we
were walking one night and a guy who was smoking pulled up in his
truck and handed us $30. We get handed money way too often. Especially
with all the Polynesians here. If you don’t take the money they force
you to take it and tell you not to deny them blessings.
I also used Proverbs 21:19 as a spiritual thought for a dinner. I used
it in a sense of if momma ain’t happy, nobody happy. It went over
really well. I thought it was funny. My comp kept chuckling after and
expressing his hatred for me.

We also gave a blessing to a woman who felt like a spirit was feeding
off her. The situation was way cool, but her and her boyfriend were
way cool and told us to call them whenever we need something. They had
been dating for 3 months and had seemed like they had been married for
a couple years. They also said babe more than really was needed haha.

But besides all that, we’re teaching, we’re learning, we’re growing.
I’ve learned some hymns on the guitar and I’m learning the piano a
little bit.
Oh! Something I just found out this week is that light and sound
interact with each other quite a bit. It makes sense, but I never
thought about it. Mahi studied a lot of music theory and knows a crazy
amount of stuff about instruments, so I’ve really been enjoying

Well, I love you all. Hope all is well!

Happy? Yep. Content? Not a chance.
Elder Dolan


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