July 6, 2015

11 weeks out. Oh what a glorious week! I’ve gotten in to a bike crash,
fight with my companion, we’ve had some investigators drop us and just
some other fun stuff. All is well. Haha
With all that’s happened I often think how hard all of this is and why
am I’m even doing it. I could be home now or enjoying college.
So, why do we do anything really? Why do we work? Why do we exercise
or diet? Why do we try to do anything that isn’t immediately fun?
Because we have the knowledge of what fruits these things may bring.
The reason I’m on my mission is because of eternal perspective. In
short term I see that the things I learn out here will make me a more
likable person, better father/husband, a better son, a better sibling,
help me in my occupational goals, etc. which is a huge drive, but the
reason I need to be really focused on is past all of that. I’ve said
this quite a bit, but our purpose here is to learn and grow and to
inherit what the lord has prepared for us. To become like him. To
become perfected. Not simply see if we can make it back. There is no
commandment that isn’t designed to change who we are in our
Eternal perspective is what should keep us going. It helps us stop bad
habits and pick up good ones. It’s knowing why we’re doing all this.

Something interesting that happened this week was I was talking to
some sister missionaries at temple square and apparently there is a
school in salt lake or something that trains kids how to bash the
church and they use temple square as a training ground. I understand
not believing in the church, without reading and understanding the
doctrine, it sounds like a lot malarkey. But going out of your way to
train kids is just down right weird.
Something I’ve learned while being in Salt Lake is that the church is
way bigger than I ever knew. Not in terms of membership, but the
church is basically a world super power. There are so many things
about the church I didn’t realize or know, it’s truly godly in its
power. If this church isn’t true, Joseph Smith was the Greatest
scriptorian, story teller, or con man to ever have lived.

Well I love all y’all. Love the updates about home.

Happy? You bet. Content? Never.
Elder Dolan


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