I really don’t have much to say about this week. We taught a lot of
new people and got to know people better. I’ve gotten to know my
companion more. I’m happy. And… Yep.

Oh, I’ve been punched 2 times, choked 8 times, been told I’m hated 23
times, and threatened at knife point 3 times by my companion. So
that’s fun. I’m pretty sure he loves me though. He just has a hard time
showin’ it. Haha

spencer2 6.30.15 spencer3 6.30.15

I guess I’ve learned more about change. There are some people who we
talk to who are so unhappy and blame the world for their unhappiness.
For some reason people don’t like them and they don’t get it. People
should just like them for who they are. Well, people should be
respectful to you, yes. But, we live in a world where change is
expected. The whole point of the atonement, the whole point of us
being here is to change. God didn’t send us here to see if we would
boomerang back to him. This time is not as much of a test as it is a
time of improvement. We’re suppose to become like him. Being resistant
to change won’t help anyone. If you never change people will hate you
and you will not be prepared for the fullness of glory God has in
store for you. I’ve stated before that I’ve become aware of many of my
flaws out here on my mission. Now I could say that’s who I am or I
could change, improve and become a better person. Now, there are
things some people may complain about that you may not need to change,
well that’s where the example of Jesus comes in. When chastisement is
brought forward it should be weighed. Would changing this make you a
better person, more like Jesus?

There’s my gospel rant for the week. Haha
I love you all, and once again I love all the emails I get and I
especially love the pictures I receive.

Elder Dolan

spencer6.30.15 spencer4 6.30.15


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