Transfer 2/17

So I’ve now spent a week with my new companion and I think one of the biggest things I’ll gain from my mission is learning to get along with so many different personalities. I went from a hyper fun loving Hawaiian, to a people person with a huge serious side tongan, to Elder Mahi. Elder Mahi plays Organ, Piano, bassoon, trumpet, and “all wind instruments”. He played in huge orchestras when he was back home, and not like high school orchestra, but like getting paid $1000 an hour and playing in Carnegie Hall orchestras. He is very very in to music. Him and I have some pretty good conversations. He has his IPad scriptures marked with a lot of really good stuff. Some of it deep, some spiritually uplifting, and a lot of weird stuff that happens in the Old and New Testiment. It’s really funny some of the stuff he brings up and how he talks about it. In the apartment he is hilarious and has a lot of personality. We get out and he become pretty stoic. He’s been very laid back this past week in lessons and in planning, which I assume will change when he gets to know the area better, but it has been a great opportunity for me, because I have to do everything. I’m getting much better at planning and making those plans happen. We have Brittney, who I mentioned last time, on Baptismal Date and Her boyfriend and Friend on reactivation date, which they are all super excited about. We have 10 new investigators/returning members and that’s that. So the mission can be stressful at times, for some it’s all the planning and rule following, home sickness, and/or just change. Change has been my big struggle. The main purpose of missions isn’t really to convert people then and there. The lord can really do that on his own if he wanted to, send out a whole bunch of angels or something. The main purpose of a mission is more directed towards those who serve. It is aimed at changing us. It’s two year of learning how to be more like Christ is so many ways, and not only that, but be more successful and happy in the years after. Our mission focuses on be a consecrated Missionary. Which mean giving everything up to the lord for two years. The promise is if you do that you will be given a new better you at the end. There’s a talk about it if you google ” the consecrated missionary” you could find it. I think it applies to everyone, give it a read.– but with that said the mission highlights all of your flaws, which sucks short term. So the mission is stressful at times, but my buddy, my ole pal Jason definitely cheered me straight up, with a little care pack he dropped off on our doorstep on his way to college.

Jason1 Jason2

Happy Father’s Day!

Best Fathers Day gift!

fathers day1 fathers day2


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