June 16th, 2015

This has been the week of my takeover. Elder Fakatou is getting transferred out, so I’m taking over the area. Elder Fakatou took a huge step back in all of our lessons and meetings and let me take lead in everything. It’s all so easy. For the most part we plan in general once a week and then do specific lesson plans every morning, and we really don’t spend much time worrying after that. We just rely on the spirit, change our lessons in the moment and throw all the planning out the window. Then in meetings I have so much fun. I enjoy getting things done and orchestrating things.
My new companion will be Elder Mahi. He’s Hawaiian. I went from E. Mohetau (half Hawaiian half Tongan) to E. Fakatou (Tongan) to E. Mahi. Apparently I’m destined to go vacation in Hawaii or get fat or something. It’s weird though because they have these slight cultural quirks that are different and I have to keep accommodating for. It stressful sometimes, because they expect me to behave in a certain way I of them. But it works out. I’m very sad to lose Elder Fakatou.
This week has been really kind of crazy now that I think back. We had the mission reunion, a devotional, transfers, a lot of choir practice, and exchanges. The mission reunion was weird, because it’s all the current missionaries and a whole bunch of RMs and I barely even know the missionaries here now. The Devotional/fireside was nice I’ve really enjoyed singing, my favorite song we did was Joseph’s First Prayer, but it was to a different tune and arranged differently. We have a guy who’s been involved with almost all the church music stuff, Brother McDonald, and he is amazing.
Exchanges with our Zone Leaders was interesting. They’re Spanish speaking. I was with Elder Moats, who is such an awesome guy. We got along great, he plans on majoring in mathematics and the head up a hedge fund. In the field thought it was interesting. I only know a little of Spanish, so dinner and all the contacting we did was a little awkward. I knew what they were talking about, but I didn’t really know the details. During dinner I apologized for not being able to speak Spanish and I told them the food was very good and a few small things in Spanish, so I tried.
All in all I’m enjoying myself.
I love you all and appreciate the emails I receive. Hope everything goes well. Feel welcome to email me if you haven’t yet.
Happy- Always Content- Never
The MTC group that came out together. The two in my arms just left for Australian after waiting for their visas.

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