May 28th, 2015

Another week, another post. So, I think one of the coolest part of my week was giving a blessing to one of our Returning Members. We were walking by his room in a care center and I felt like we should visit him real quick. When we went in he was talking about how he was feeling sick and to add on that his friend down the hall died. So we offered to give him a blessing. We didn’t have any oil so I just did a blessing of comfort, and it was really interesting to remember some of the stuff I said. It was very bold and just stuff I wouldn’t normally say, but then again, I wasn’t really the one saying it. Haha
Another cool experience was we were teaching this one woman who says she believes in it all, but just doesn’t go to church anymore, and her daughter has just kind of walked by during lessons. But two lessons ago, she decided to sit in and Elder Fakatou taught about the prodigal son. Which they apparently went through the same thing. The daughter was going to church by herself since she was 8 and was super active, and then around 20 she went from “perfect Mormon girl” to “crackhead” in a week. She left home and her mom said, as soon as you’re clean or are willing to get clean, you’re welcome back. After two years she started to shape up and then came home and is trying to fix her life (I think this was about 5ish years ago), but she didn’t feel like going to church, because she was afraid of being judged, because everyone had known her for the past 20 aught years. But we assured her it’d be fine, everyone would happy to see her and would be fully accepting. So she went, and it was crazy to see such a change in her countenance. She just looked so much brighter and happier. And then on our last lesson we set her up for a reactivation date for the end of June and she’s really excited.
We have another returning member who has a sad story. She was married in the temple and all, but then her husband was cheating on her for years, so she finally got a divorce about 3 years ago. So she hates going to church because it’s always centered on families and it just brings up really bad memories. Luckily the member we brought into the lesson also went through a divorce and he bore his testimony of the atonement and he said something I really like “Divorce sucks- doesn’t make the church not true”. I feel like you could replace divorce with a lot of things, like people. This women’s situation made me think of how many inactive I’ve talked to who’s big reason for leaving was other people within the church or for one guy I talked to, his stake president. I think something people need to realize is everyone from the prophet to the baby crying during sacrament is human. Part of the human condition is that we often make poor use of our agency. Just because someone at church calls you fat or embarrasses you, doesn’t mean the gospel isn’t true. There’s my mini-rant for today. Haha
So on some lighter notes, we met this guy who is a lobbyist for the Native Americans. A really great guy. When he heard I’m from Texas he asked if I’m a republican and I answered, then he said that he used to be a republican, but working with the Indians he had to be all like, Yah Obama! Because Indians hate republicans. We talked with him for like 4 hours, and there was a lot of really cool things I learned and we talked about, but the coolest thing out of everything is that he is in charge of relations with the Indians and the church, so he talks to a whole bunch of general authorities and has a lot of cool stories about them. So he’s offered to invite us when ever he had lunch with a senator or general authority. Elder Fakatou was kind of apathetic about it, but I’m really excited.
Besides all that we’ve done a lot of teaching and a lot of studying.
We went to the temple as a zone.
I also got a new bike

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