End of my 4th week! Only 100 to go!

End of my 4th week! Only 100 to go! Haha. I’m loving it out here. Elder Fakatou and I are getting along great. Either we’re teaching, studying, or laughing. On Saturday we baptized a Marshallese couple, Ronis and Anita.
They’re on the left and they may not be smiling in the picture, but they were really happy about it and had been working for it for a while. Elder Fakatou and I got to stand in on their confirmation on Sunday, which was just a really cool experience.
I also have a new family! The Toilolos (toy-low-low)!
John and Hana and their two kids Andrea (left) and Brooklyn
They were the first family that I really felt close to. They are both members who fell away, but have, a month ago, decided to come back. It’s been amazing to see their testimonies grow in just the 2 weeks I’ve been here. The spirit is always so strong in their house. They have made amazing strides. This picture was taken at the temple square welcome center. We asked a random guy named “Alek” to take it and he thought of a really cool angle, to where it looks like Jesus is ordaining John, which is extra cool, because that is what John is working for right now, to receive his Melchizedek Priesthood. He’s really been striving for it because he knows what a blessing it will be to his family. We talked about how, since we’re away from our family, they’re our new family, because they have just taken us in like sons. They also took us to a Chinese buffet, which is like heaven to a missionary.
On that note, for those interested, I’ve gained 10 lbs. so far. 140. There are so many islanders here, and they take offense if you don’t eat all that they plate for you. It’s torture at times haha.
With Elder Fakatou, I’ve really begun to embrace the Islander life. He took me to a shop called Hawaii Hut on Tuesday to pickup a lava-lava (I have no idea if that’s how it’s spelt). When we found the one I want to buy, the owner said that she give missionaries one item for free. So we got free lava-lavas!
I’m kind of too white or skinny for it, but whatever.
Elder Fakatou also took me to get sushi, which I’ve never wanted to try before, and I really enjoyed it! We’re planning on going to a sushi buffet with our zone in downtown next P-day.
I don’t know how I feel about P days. They’re a lot of fun, but it’s just a reminder of how long I have left. I rather just keep my head down and do the work, but nonetheless they are enjoyable, especially when we play ultimate frisbee haha.
So, I’ve been watching a lot of the Life of Jesus videos that the church has put out and it is so cool to watch especially alongside with the actual scriptures.
I’ve never studied Jesus all that much, I knew the basic stories and the atonement and all, but to kind of see how he responded to people is really cool. Some Pharisee would come up to him and try to confound him and he would just shut them down with reason for the most part.
If you have the time. Go through and watch the videos over the next week. It will strengthen your testimony of Jesus Christ and while you watch you will notice things that you never noticed before. There are some really cool lines that I’m surprised aren’t brought up more.
And here’s a quote I heard recently that is just so awesome. “Happy?-Always Content?-Never”
Elder Dolan

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